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Laura Babst
Singer, Actress, Speaker
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Laura Maria was born in Berlin, Germany.
She moved with her parents onto the island of Majorca (Spain) at the age of 6 months.  She grew up there in a country house near the village Artà, and went to a Majorcan school.
When Laura was 12 years old she started to take singing, dancing and acting lessons .
At the age of 14 she became the frontsinger of the Majorcan youth-band "40 Llamps" and acted successfully during 2 years at many places of the island on public celebrations, TV-shows, radio and theatre.
When Laura was 17 years old she left Majorca to get her 3-year professional formation at Stage School Hamburg for Professional Artists, Germany,  in the areas of music, dance and drama and completed it successfully.

In 2007 Laura moved back to Majorca.
She started working as singer for Rock and Pop Shows, contracted by agencies and show organisations like Romantic Corporate and Trui Espectacles.

Since 2008 she also worked as a Catalan and German Speaker, in the Majorcan Radio and for German Advertises.

2009 she recorded for the Les Humphries Singers Reunion and shared stages with them and the German "Schlager Star" Jürgen Drews in Spain, Germany, etc.

Since 2010 Laura colaborates with Ronald Brand as singer in different projects for high class events.

From 2016 to 2017 she was the female front singer of the show "RockGlories" contracted by Romantic  Corporate.

She is also the female front singer of the Spanish Duo IBCruz, next to Toni Cruz, a Sevillan Flamenco Guitarrist.
They perform on Weddings, Corporate Events, Special Spanish Nights and for all kind of occasions.
With the combination of Spanish and International Music they acted succesfully in many places of the world: Spain, Germany and in the USA.

Since the end of 2017 she actually works as solo singer with her show "The Best of Pop Music" and other projects for all kind of events contracted by the agency Xarxa Musical.
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